Email to SMS complements your business marketing plan

human-resourcesIntegrated communications are one of the pillars of a successful business enterprise. It gives the firm the ability to interact with customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees for prompt responses and action. The firms that are able to leverage communications effectively to deliver quality services to their clients would take the lead in the future.

Mobile phones have become the most interactive communications tools available. They are now a necessity in the lives of anyone in this century. There are more than five billion mobile phone users globally, which represents over seventy percent of the world’s population. This is a huge market for any firm to promote its products and services to. An effective mobile communication platform would reach a large number of potential clients cost effectively; email marketing is one method of communication that is widely used in organizations. However, emails have not been effective in reaching mobile users, and this is because one needs to be online to read the emails. Emails to SMS platforms were developed to solve this dilemma.

Unlike emails, SMS is a two-way interaction, and has a personal touch to communication. The more the firm can keep the interaction going with the clients, the higher the response rate and increased loyalty will be. There are several email to SMS platforms available for a firm’s use; the platforms enable one to send emails as SMS, straight from a desktop to virtually any mobile phone in the world. The desktop allows one to type a large email for conversion to SMS for delivery to the user. The success of SMS delivery is tracked and reported by the service. All the firm needs is the user’s phone number, sender information, and the message; the message is then sent to the user, or a group of users, immediately.

Email to SMS complements the firm’s overall marketing plan and makes it easy for internal company communications. It is also ideal for any opt-in marketing campaigns, and any other critical information that can be sent to mobile phones in a few seconds. Several firms have applied the email to SMS service to communicate in different scenarios. Examples of email to SMS marketing applications would include, nightclubs sending a text SMS to patrons, inviting them for a discounted concert, restaurants sending SMS to their clients, inviting them to special events, or airlines sending SMS to passengers, notifying them of delayed flights. An association sending SMS to members on different projects they are undertaking, or colleges can send an SMS to students notifying students of a critical announcement such as an emergency.

SMS messaging platforms make it possible to interact with individual clients cheaply and personally, which increases customer loyalty. In addition, it is possible to send critical information, notifications, and updates to clients in seconds. This makes the clients feel like they are part of the organization. Furthermore, the service is convenient for both the organization and the client. One is able to keep customers in the know wherever they are around the globe, and unlike emails, clients do not need to be connected to internet.

In addition, there is instant feedback towards marketing efforts. Marketers can design direct marketing messages and get consumer reactions in an instance. In addition, marketers are able to analyze customer behavior and adjust accordingly. In fact, mobile phones have the ability to go viral and spread the word across a large mass in a matter of seconds. It is also possible to send geo-user specific information to users in a particular location. The email to SMS platform is a simple, personalized way of keeping clients in the know on events happening in a firm.